My Professional Framework

I define myself as a person who works toward the betterment of my community.  My awareness of the need for active community members began at a young age when I began volunteering at local shelters for homeless populations. During major holidays, the shelter would serve meals to more than 1,000 people within a five hour time frame. From my 10 years volunteering at the shelter, I knew I had the ability and drive to dedicate my life to assisting others.

In addition to the ten years volunteering, I have worked in the human service field with low-income families for the last four years. This experience has guided my professional framework toward the principle that everyone should have equitable opportunities for socioeconomic development, including access to housing and other essential needs related to economic and educational advancement.

As a social worker, I aim to provide tools that assist people in building the steps necessary for self-sufficiency such as advocating for equality, offering tutoring for academics and job development, counseling, mentoring through using positive youth development techniques, and providing resources to meet most basic needs.

My ideal outcome of social work is to construct an efficient system that reduces barriers in order to produce higher quality of services. In order to develop a future; we as social workers, advocates, and helping professionals need to change from the inside-out and generate new structural designs that provide equitable chances for self-sufficiency to disenfranchised populations.



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